Sunday, October 16, 2016

Peak of Next World Quilting Adventure Souvenir -- Passport required!

It's a rainy Sunday in Oregon. Yesterday, we were hit with some strong winds and the weather folks had us worried with the threat of hurricane force gusts. Thankfully, the storm had split centers and we were spared the worst. Unfortunately, several coastal areas had significant damage because of tornadoes.

I have drafted the next souvenir and thought I would break with tradition and share my draft. This one will be approximately 39 inches wide by 26 inches tall.

Attached below are some larger pictures for the Hawaii souvenir. The pattern has these pictures but I like seeing BIG pictures and thought you might as well.

The next pictures shows how unappealing the flower looks before adding color with paints and free motion stitching. Amazing difference, Yes?
Before paint and stitching.
 After paint and stitching.
It's so comfortable to wear and super absorbent. I love it and hope you enjoyed making one for yourself.


  1. The paint made such a difference! I'm on the home stretch with the handwork for the president's blocks quilt and then I can work on your projects!

  2. Wow! That is super impressive!


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