Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hoopoe Construction Israel
Building my Hoopoe
Building the hoopoe was so much fun and I hope you enjoy building yours as much as I did. What you see above is me checking the layout for my next section. I cut the biggest part of the black on the wings in one section and then carefully cut away the sections in your pattern that say CUT. Initially, I was going to cut each of those sections individually and I had an aha moment and thought it would be much easier and nicer looking to have fewer units. This made the gluing easier as well. The only thing I want to caution you here is that these pieces are very narrow and fragile so when you remove the freezer paper, be gentle so you don't distort the fabric.

Freezer paper on wing fabric
What you see is the freezer paper cut precisely. Once I ironed it on I 'roughly' cut it out and applied the glue. After the glue dried and I ironed it to make it clear, only then did I cut the fabric out exactly following the pattern. This allowed me to keep unnecessary glue off of the front of the fabric. Grace doesn't do this but I am not as gifted as she is and really needed that fabric buffer.

Body parts! Ready for glue.
Don't you just love those feet!!!  I do.
Dried glue
This is what the glue looks like when it is dry but hasn't been ironed yet. Once you iron it, it turns clear and has a plastic appearance. Remember you can still remove the glue at this stage before ironing by simply brushing it off with a stiff bristle brush. Once you iron it, it is permanent and cannot be removed.

Please share with me your progress so others can be inspired too.


  1. Those tiny feet are impressively life-like!! Well done!♥♥♥

  2. I do love those feet! Your bird is amazing! That glue looks interesting. Who knew there were so many products out in the quilting/art world! Thanks for sharing your tips and techniques with us!

  3. This is amazing. I've got behind reading blogs but it's a joy to catch up with yours.
    Wendy x


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