Thursday, May 12, 2016

My Dollar Store Find

I spied these 'new-to-me' finds at my local Dollar Store and couldn't resist picking up a pack to try out. Elmer's School Glue (washable) is wonderful to use in lieu of the glue sold specifically for quilters and applique lovers. The problem with the normal bottle of glue is that you couldn't get just a smidgen of glue without purchasing an additional tip to add to your bottle of glue. Well, these little babies are small and have a tiny tip. From top to bottom, they are 4-1/4" tall and about the thickness of a yellow highlighter.

For a mere $1.00 and three in a pack, it's a deal that any quilter just can't pass up. Don't forget to check out your local dollar stores for quilter helpers. You never know what nifty things you will find.


  1. I picked some up a couple years ago at my dollar store for the same reason! Dispensing is a little challenging because the tip was larger than I liked; but, you can't beat the price! Which dollar store did you find yours as I haven't seen them in the dollar store near me!

    1. Hi Terry. I went to the Dollar Store in Troutdale next to the Safeway store. They were on the impulse stand right by the register! The impulse stand worked because I bought them. LOL


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