Friday, September 2, 2016

Time to sew our Oregon Souvenir

Welcome back to View from my Window:
Oregon Souvenir - View from my Window - JoJo Hall
The picture above is of the finished top before quilting. Further pictures of the quilting process will follow.

At the end of this post are three videos that I prepared while I was stitching. I'm really green at videoing so please know that I will get better. The last video I left the video turned so that you could see a closer view of the stitching.

Process pictures:

This is how the back looks after glue basting and ironing fusible areas down

Front after glue basting and ironing fusible areas down

Mountain & top of snow sewn to sky and with trimming afterwards of mountain

Bottom part of snow on mountain sewn
Tearaway removed from snow
Stabilizer covering tree line and reflection of tree line
Stabilizer removed
Reflection of mountain stitched
Reflection of mountain trimmed and reflection of snow stitched
Front showing zig zag on mountain top

Videos: Click on the enlarge part of the video so that you can see a bigger view.

Video 1 - Stitching the top of the snow.

Video 2 - Stitching each side of the mountain and removing the stabilizer from back.

Video 3: Stitching bottom of snow.


  1. Great videos. How do I get the patterns?? I think I missed part of the directions!--Terry

  2. Terry, I just resent the pattern to you. Let me know if it doesn't come through.


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