Saturday, October 1, 2016

Are you coming with me to visit Hawaii?

World Quilting Travel Adventure
JoJo Hall's World Quilting Travel Adventure
I'm changing it up and our next stop is Hawaii. Our plane leaves on Friday morning so if you haven't requested your passport yet, you still have time to join us at our next stop.

Post a comment below letting me know you want to join in and what email you want me to send it to. Please also become a follower of my blog. That's your only payment necessary!

Now for the good stuff, I'm giving you a heads up on supplies for our next souvenir. So here's what you need to have on hand for Friday if you want to get a jump start and be ready to start.

  • Bath towel (all cotton and not chunky thick) in either white or pink or yellow that is at least 25 inches long. I chose a white one that I already had in my closet. Wash it if you buy a new one or be thrifty and use one that is needing to be culled out and re-purposed!
  • One elastic hair band in the same color as your bath towel.
  • 3 cotton fabrics in colors (a) white, yellow, a darker tone of yellow or (b) pink, yellow, darker tone of pink. I'm using strips of fabric I have in my stash that are 5 inches wide.
  • Cheap muslin fabric. Really, you need not use good fabric so if you don't have muslin, use something else that is either white if you are using white cotton fabric or neutral colored if you are using pink or yellow cotton fabric.
  • Thread in colors of your towel and fabrics.
That's it! Now get ready for some fun, effortless sewing for your souvenir. You are going to love using this souvenir all during our travels; I promise. 

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  1. Ahhh. . .using yellow fabric!!! This made me smile!!! I look forward to seeing what your project is and I love visiting Hawaii!!!!


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