Sunday, November 27, 2016

Anyone want to go to England with me? World Quilting Adventure -- Passport Required
England Souvenir by JoJo Hall
I'm going against my own rules again. LOL. I seem to do that a lot, don't I?

Our next stop on our quilting adventure is England!!! I'm sharing a picture of the souvenir my traveler's will be receiving once I've written the instructions and finished the quilting on it. It was so much fun to make and I had to make myself stop because I kept thinking of more things to add to it. I may have to add some fun hand stitching once I complete the machine quilting. And, my sign post is screaming for some embellishment. I also have a few points on the post that will have 'welding' spots so stay tuned for what I have in mind for it! Are you excited????

I will be working off my Thanksgiving calories for the next several months but it sure was yummy and relaxing spending time with my best friend and husband.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!


  1. My bags are packed and passport in hand ready to board the plane for our next stop on this exciting adventure.

  2. Your use of quilting is inspiring. With it, you have made this souvenir completely transform.


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