Thursday, February 2, 2017

Virtual Tour to Israel

I am so excited to tell you about a virtual tour of Israel that I just today learned about. I didn't want to wait to tell you so decided to do a quick blog update.

The signup is free and I've watched a little bit of Tour 2 already. What I've watched so far is amazing, and I hope you will check it out since this month our destination is to Israel.

I'm working on the souvenir for Israel, but I've slowed myself down to enjoy the process more. I'm loving how it is coming along and think you will really enjoy making this souvenir for yourself. In case you don't remember, my goal is to try techniques that are new to me. I will post how I put the souvenir together but you may choose to do it anyway that you want to. I hope you will push yourself out of your comfort zone too and try new to you techniques as well. It's tough for me because I know I could have already finished some steps had I done it in a manner I'm comfortable with but than I'm not growing as an artist if I don't expand my skills.

Israel Virtual Tour

In between this and that, I've made a bunch of microwavable bowl holders. They are such fun to make. You cannot make just one! And, you know what? You can make them to fit a dinner plate as well. Cause, if you are like me, you wanna eat in your recliner while watching TV and don't want a hot plate burning your fingers.  


  1. Microwave bowls are such a practical little gift to have on hand. . .I should make a few. . .maybe later. . I've Mt. Hood to stitch!!! Your samples are pretty as a flower!

  2. Pretty and to be happy with that.


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