Friday, November 17, 2017

Another Oregon Souvenir finished!

Terry Knott's Mt. Hood View -- Oregon Finished!
I just had to pop in and do a quick share of Terry's finished Mt. Hood -- My View, which was Oregon's souvenir. Isn't it just perfect? For detailed, up-close and personal pictures of it and her marvelous quilting, click HERE. You really don't want to miss seeing them.

The world quilting travel adventure has been such a wonderful journey. I must get back to the itinerary soon so we can continue traveling the globe.


  1. I went over to her blog and oh my! I really need to learn this art called quilting.

    1. Wecome Regina to an art form that is meditative, challenging (in a good way), and throughly enjoyable. I hope you will want to work on one of the upcoming quilting souvenirs.

  2. Wow!!!! What a wonderful surprise to see Mt. Hood-My View posted on your blog! Regina, thank you for the nice comment about my quilting! I plan to visit Canada soon and then there is England. . .I really had fun with Mt. Hood and I played with so many techniques that would probably not have entered my mind any other way than being on this journey with you! Thanks so much!!!


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