Wednesday, December 12, 2018

2018 - The Year of the Blur

Mama loves you Dilly boy
2018 began with a bang. I came down with a horrible flu that knocked me for a loop. I was in bed for a week and it kept hanging around for what seemed like months. By the time I recovered, it was tax time which takes mounds of time to finish.

Our boy, Dilly, was just getting ready to celebrate his 12th birthday when our lives took a turn for the worse and he unexpectedly passed on. He so wanted to stay with us but his little body just gave out on him. We were so blessed to have him for as long as we did. He survived a liver shunt birth defect and encephalitis at aged 3. We sure loved that little man and decided to not pursue getting another animal. In fact, we even gave away our chickens and chicken coop to allow us time to come and go unimpeded. It had been many years since we were able to travel so we made the most of it and traveled to Alabama to see family. Flying isn't quiet as fun as it used to be and I forgot how tired you get from the whole process. However, once we arrived, our excitement about the adventure gave us a burst of happy energy. It was my first time visiting New Orleans, Alabama, and Mississippi. We also visited parts of Florida. Alabama is beautiful and the people even more so. I cannot express sufficiently how refreshing it was to hear people wish you a blessed day and see how much pride people have for our country and veterans. I still have a tender spot for the Foley area and the people living there.

 I know there is no merit to bad things happening in threes, but it was definitely a tester of me when I was called for a federal jury duty a week before we were to travel to Alabama. I was told when I called that I could not request a date change. In Multnomah county it is never a problem to make a change, but apparently Federal courts are not as accommodating. Because the trial could be extended past the day I needed to fly out, it was a stressful time wondering whether I would be called.  Thankfully, the night before when I called my juror number was not needed. Whew....our trip could proceed with me in it!

The other thing that happened is that I was rear ended by a guy driving a Maserati. Okay, that's a first in a couple of ways. I've never seen one in person and definitely never have been hit by one. The thing is...I was sitting at a dead stop waiting in line to get into a quilt show. The line was long and everyone was waiting. How do things like this happen. He wanted to brush it off as no damage but when the estimate came in, the damage to my car was over $1200. So much for no damage. It was a pain getting his insurance to step up but thankfully the shop I went to (Mackin's Auto Body in Gresham, Oregon) really did above and beyond their job and got it done. Mackin's Auto Body has secured any future business from me, but I hope I never have to visit them again!

I've not visited my travel adventure projects at all this year, but I gave myself the okay to keep going or call it the end. I believe I must finish at least one more since I have it all designed and the fabric pulled. We'll see how 2019 goes.

Remember how I said we were not going to be puppy parents again. Well, our stamina sure is strong! We succumbed in September and welcomed Bowdee (pic below) to our home. He is a Maltese/Shih-Tzu mix. I believe he looks more Shih-Tzu than Maltese and is definitely much different in body than Dilly which was a Maltese/Poodle mix. We forgot how much work it is having a puppy but all in all, he is the most loving, kind boy we've ever had. That's saying something because Dilly was Top Dog all the way. I wish the two of them could have known each other and played. We know it would have been a hoot watching them play.

Introducing Bowdee Jak
Terry Knott finished one of her souvenirs and I promised to showcase it because it is beautiful. This is her souvenir for Canada, and I love her extra detail she added. Terry's souvenir is larger than mine which I really like too. Check out her handmade Schatzi (definition: little treasure) at the bottom of it. Is that just awesome or what! I'm wanting to make one for myself!

I wish you peace and love and good health through the Holy-days and throughout 2019!

And here's a sign I took a picture of in Florida. Great reminder to myself to enjoy 'today' for there is no tomorrow guaranteed.


  1. I am so honored for you to feature my Canada souvenir. I had so much fun making it!!! Bowdee is a sweetie. I hope that 2019 treats you much kinder than 2018 did!

    1. Thank you for traveling with me and completing your souvenirs. I love seeing them.


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