Tuesday, March 19, 2019


This isn't a great photo technique-wise but I love it all the same because this is Bowdee waiting and watching for his favorite human to arrive home. I just love the shadow of him in the light. He adores his papa and gets on high alert when his 'it's time to come home' timer goes off.

Received two little travel pillows recently and had to make them their own pillow cases. It was a fast and fun project and the best thing is that I had everything in my stash. Goodness knows how old that tree fabric is, but I was happy to have enough for the two pillows. The naked pillows measured 12"x18". Couldn't resist adding the little cuff and flange. I think they are so cute and usable now that the covers can be easily removed and washed.
Speaking of Waiting....
This was me last week doing my duty. Sat through several hours of listening to attorneys and being asked questions. I wasn't one of the 9 chosen to stay for the trial so my duty is finished for at least two years.

The wind is howling something fierce but the sun is shining and the temperature is not bad. The wind is so strong that I cannot stand to be out in it though so here I wait with my nose pressed up against the window waiting for the wind to calm.

Did anyone else participate in the online Taste and See Bible Study? It was so good (good for the soul, spirit, and belly!). I never fully recognized how important food was in the Bible, but if you think about it -- we all have really great memories and many of them started around a table with friends and family. Jesus has invited us all to His table and what a wonderful, bountiful table He has for all of us who love Him; makes me smile just thinking of reaching out to His outstretched hands as I accept food from His table. Figs, bread, fish, wine and more. Can we say Amen and Bon Appetit!


  1. What a sweet photo. Our cat loves to sit in the entry window and for us to come home. On our arrival she is sitting in the window and we see her mouth moves which tells us she is meowing hello to us.

    I love the tree fabric. I missed the Taste and See study. I hope it gets repeated. I noticed on BookLook Bloggers it's available for review. Maybe once I read and review the other books I have, I will get that one.
    Have a blessed week!

  2. Who cares if the photo is not "perfect"? It's so cute and a great capture of the excitement of waiting. 💕


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