Friday, January 30, 2015

Secrets and how hard it is to keep them!

Oh, how I am dying to share my new English paper piecing mystery block of the month with all of you!!! Each time I finished designing a block, I proclaimed it to be my favorite only to have the next design become my new favorite. 

Are you like that too? Whatever you are working on at that particular moment is your all-time favorite? Between embroidering hats for customers and this block of the month, it's taken up nearly all of my time, but I've been having a blast.

The first class is tomorrow and I'm ready to get this project into the hands of willing participants. I promise to take photos as the year progresses. It will be fun to see all of the color variations for each block. The class is at Pioneer Quilts. I hope to see you there tomorrow!

The pictures below are of one of my ongoing projects. The quilt is a rendition of Sue Garman's Ruffled Roses that she created in 2011 for The Quilt Show. I redesigned the center block, swag borders, and corner blocks to make it fit my Christmas theme. Sue is one of my top 10 quilt designers because of her attention to detail. Her instructions are meticulous, and she is someone I dream of meeting in person one day.

Each year I proclaim that this IS THE YEAR for me to finish it. LOL Someday...someday....

And here a a couple of actions shots!  

I am working on the last four baskets and then I can join them to the center. There will be one border left after I get these joined. I could almost squeal at the thought of seeing it at the next stage.
Note to all meat eaters -- don't forget to check back in in a few days for Monday's Recipe. You won't be disappointed!

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  1. Wow, those baskets look great! I'll be back for Monday's recipe! Visiting from Creative Goodness, but I think I have visited you before. A quilting and cooking blog will always get my attention, LOL!!


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