Friday, May 15, 2015

Below the Surface - Remodeling Home & Heart

Okay, this post is out of the norm. I've been pulled out of my routine and haven't been able to post because we are in the middle of a remodel.

Oh and just in case you decide to completely gut and redo three important rooms in your home, do yourself a favor and don't. Do one area and when it is finished, move to the next. It's truly too dang hard to do more than that at a time.

However, in the quiet of the night after the construction guys have left, I think of how similar our home remodel is to what God is constantly doing in my life. And I wondered whether He gets as frustrated, anxious, and down-right miserable with me as I have been with the whole remodel process. We are heading into our fifth week and every room has been transformed into heaps of chaos. There is no calm place to go, no comfortable areas to sit, and no place that doesn't have construction dust and dirt. To say we are miserable is an understatement. If I'm this unhappy and it hasn't been six weeks yet, I wonder how God has put up with my personal remodel of over 50 years. that's a love that truly knows no bounds and is true in every sense of the word. It's so powerful and strong that it is hard to grasp and fully appreciate, but I recognize it and hold on to it.

We love our home and have dutifully repaired and replaced things as they have been loved to death. However, most of this upkeep has not been on items that were 'below the surface.' However, Now that our home has matured and reached 20 years old, a deeper, more drastic measure had to take place. Walls had to be torn down and parts and pieces uncovered and torn out. Pipes that were old, dirty, and decaying are now shiny, fresh, and new. In that regard, I am assured in the scriptures that Jesus offers us all the ability to become shiny, fresh, and new through Him. All I or you have to do is accept Him and what He has done for me and you. There is that awesome love again. is humbling for sure. Of course, I'm still being remodeled and molded and the below the surface parts and pieces still get tweaked when needed whether I'm ready for it or not.

One thing that I have learned through this process is helping me to understand and be a better person. During the remodel, it is critical that I talk with the contractor daily and sometimes hourly. Communication is vital and must be frequent. Some days it is literally continuous. If I get pulled away and distracted and miss talking, things go amiss and small things that could have been easily remedied become more of an issue and much tougher to remedy. When I neglect communicating with God, the same thing happens. Small things can become bigger issues when I'm off running on my own with my face in the wind and forget to look down at that big HOLE in the floor. :)
Of course, then I must slow down. It's only when I'm exhausted and drained and zapped, that I'm quiet enough, low enough, and still enough to feel His nudging to come sit down and spend time with Him. Again, communication is healthy and keeps you, your family members, and even contractors in agreement. So keep those lines open and active. It is really 'The Best Thing.'

I'm so looking forward to teaching the May Block of the Month class next Saturday. Oh wow...I just realized that the class isn't until the 30th! I really have lost all track of days and cannot believe that May is half gone. I'm excited to have a little more time to finish my June block for reveal during class.

Until next time...

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