Monday, October 31, 2016

Check out Karen's Oregon Souvenir!

Karen's Oregon Souvenir
Karen from Karen's Korner emailed me last week to let me know she had finished her Oregon Souvenir. I love her version of the souvenir! She made into a mug rug. I adore the pink cactus for her tree!!!

I love how creative my travelers are becoming in making the souvenirs their own. Each one of us will have a slightly different memory of our trip, which is how we all are in real life. Ask any two people about a trip that they took together and they each will have different memories of it.

Now, unfortunately I have spent about 18 hours on our next souvenir only to decide this morning that it just isn't working for me. What was in my head did not translate out into something that I am happy with so I'm starting over. I don't want you to make something that I'm not in love with. Now I could be seriously upset about it, and I am disappointed but I'm trying to learn from my mishap and bump up my skill to the next level. What I hope you will take from my lengthy going around in circles is that you must sometimes just take a step out into the unknown. As Charles Kettering once said "You will never stub your toe standing still. The faster you go, the more chance you have of stubbing your toe, but the better chance you have of getting somewhere." Creating art takes movement! We may not always love each piece of art we create, but we will learn from the experience and that is just as important.

Here is the result of my painting with fabric and trying to get what was in my head into fabric. I'm not sure what to do with it. This is just the top and I have not stitched on it yet. Maybe I should just cut it up and recycle it into something else. I'm not sure yet. I am attributing it to my Picasso side, which by the way all of our great painters have paintings underneath their paintings. Can you only imagine how wonderful it would be to be able to see what they thought was unacceptable art. So, I have hope for myself yet!

Stay tuned for our next souvenir. I need to regather myself and do a do-over!


  1. Karen's Mt. Hood is terrific! Sorry that your idea would translate itself into fabric. It is frustrating when that happens; but, don't stop. This was just not the method for the idea! --Terry

  2. You know, I kind of like your fabric painting you seem to not like. Perhaps it only needs some decorative stitching. Love Karen's Mt. Hood. Sorry I have been so busy I haven't yet started mine. Cheers.

  3. Sorry your painting didn't turn out as you'd hoped, but that's how we all grow. I'm sure you'll be able to turn it into something beautiful!


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