Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Australia Bound in my mind

It is halt time on my Israel souvenir. I've finished it except for the facing. I'm not happy with the sampling I've done for nice, sharp corners for facings so until I can figure it out, I must move on. A traditional binding just isn't going to do it for this one.

I've been drawing and drawing and drawing and erasing, removing and redoing Australia until I think I've nearly got it where I want it. Now, the hardest part is to print my drawing life size and see if what I've drawn is going to work, what needs refinement, enlarging, reducing, or removing. It's the part that shows me what is and isn't going to work. I sure hope everything works on this one because I'm really loving how it looks in print. On this souvenir, I'm throwing in everything including the kitchen sink! There will be a lot of painting, applique, and lots of hand embroidery embellishment. I spied a new-to-me cotton fabric that you must get some if you haven't already done so. It is going to be perfect for Australia because you only need small pieces so buying a 10 inch square package that includes all of the colors will do the trick. It's made by Maywood Studio and is called Glitz. It's 100 percent cotton with a foil face. It's incredibly luscious in rich, wonderful colors.

I so want to share my conceptual drawing with you, but until I know whether it is doable, I think I'd better wait. Thank you for continuing to travel with me!


  1. You will get the bugs worked out of the facing application! I look forward to seeing your next project! I'm traveling. . .just left on a later and much slower freighter!!!!

  2. I am still in Israel but sooo looking forward to seeing what you have come up with for my country.


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