Thursday, June 1, 2017

Reduce, Reuse, or Recycle

We love to recycle items. Normally, that means that we go through the house and garage and at least yearly look for items that have outgrown their usefulness to us. We throw away anything that we ourselves wouldn't want. Being that it is just the two of us adults, most of our items are in very good condition so we donate to our local Salvation Army. We used to donate to Goodwill but after learning about their policies in place, we changed to other centers that have proven to provide more of the dollars to really helping others.

So with a mini bathroom remodel upcoming that requires a hole in the closet, I started looking at everything that I have to haul out of the closet in order to give the workers the room they need to work and keep the clothes clean. Wow....I have a love/hate relationship with closets. Why are there so many items that never get worn inside of closets? In this case, hubby had several pair of very nice jeans that he never wore anymore. Styles change and some that were comfortable years ago lose their comfy-ness so get relegated to the back of the closet. Newer items push them further and further to the back until getting another clothes hanger in is a struggle. Have you ever tried to carry 7 pair of jeans hanging on a hanger. They are heavy, heavy!

So, I stacked his jeans on the bed that would be heading to the center and added a couple of mine. I love colored jeans and my white and orange jeans sadly no longer fit me anymore. So, I'm staring at this monster stack of jeans and hubby innocently says "well can't we do something with them." Oh NO....the challenge flag has been thrown on the floor. Should I pick it up, run away, or simply ignore that I even heard the statement.

This was on a Friday before Memorial Day. I started thinking and thinking and thought to myself: I'll just make a 'quick' throw out of the jeans! How fun that will be to have our jeans sewn together. Now, let me preface it that we do not need a throw....let alone a jeans one, but hey I couldn't stop my brain from jumping ahead of me. So I started deconstructing jeans via old fashioned scissors. I decided to not use anything with seams or pockets to reduce the bulk. Over the course of 2 days, I cut out 140 circles out of those jeans. Then I went shopping in my stash for all those 5 inch square that I had been hording for no apparent reason. Seriously, they never get used. I must stop buying them! I ignored colors of the charm squares and just grabbed one and used a tiny bit of glue to hold it centered on the jean circle. This took me I don't know how many hours to finish and then I started sewing them together in rows...then the rows into longer rows. and finally a half to a half. Now I have one monster of a pair of jeans and cotton squares sewn together. It is pretty darn heavy but so stinking cool looking. To finish the quilt, I sewed each of the flaps down 1/4 inch from the outside edge so that when washed and dried, they would fray. Okay, this took me two days to complete sewing of the flaps for a total of four days of work, but I seriously love it and hubby and the Dillman love it. AND, it is DONE!

Now that this minor intermission is done, I must get back to my other projects that are waiting for me. LOL


  1. JoJo, Truly a wonderful story and terrific quilt. Reduce, reuse and recycle are great words to employ in our studios for sure! Well done!!!


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