Thursday, March 26, 2015

Treasure, Trash, or something in between?

Have you ever had a boatload of stuff you wanted to talk about but could not find the right words to get even one of the things out of your head and onto paper? No? Well I do and in fact, I battle it every time I sit down to write.

Lately, I just force myself to start writing….writing anything and everything that pops into my head. I allow it to fly out of me in words, phrases, and always, always in meaningless mumblings that make no sense whatsoever.

A funny thing happens after I've been at it for a while. One particular thought will become more meaningful than the others and before long; I have abandoned all of the other mumblings for just this one thing. Unfortunately, at this point, I’m not really even trying to make sense. LOL I just am writing for the sheer pleasure of writing. I tend to bounce around here and there and everywhere. I should mention that I really don’t enjoy writing…at least that’s what I always say to myself before I actually start to write.  After a while though, I seem to get into my groove, and that’s when it starts to become a little fun.

I bet you are wondering where in the world I am going with this blabbering….  Well, my husband, Tracy, and I have been on a mission to let go of a lot of ‘stuff’ that has collected around us for the past 30 plus years. Getting rid of Stuff is like trying to sit down and start to write. It just ain’t gonna happen unless you force yourself into it wholeheartedly! But you know what? Once you start, it actually is a refreshing process and a process that I recommend to everyone.

We have gone through decluttering in the past but not to the extent that we are this time. This time we are leaving no stone drawer unturned. All closets have been emptied, sorted through, and the items chosen to be kept returned to order. Even the garage (a.k.a., the ‘keeper of the lost and forgotten items’) has had a thorough going through, cleaning out, and gathering items up for the MONSTER of upcoming garage sales. As of today, there is a massive collection of way cool things that we want others to seek, search out, rummage though, and take back to their homes! Awe…we feel lighter and freer already and it’s not even happened yet.

We have also uncovered some treasures such as those in the picture. These treasures were gifted to us by Tracy’s mom. The items belonged to Tracy’s grandparents. It is such an eclectic collection but a collection when gathered together was very pleasing to my eye. I was super excited to uncover a sterling silver thimble. It’s needs a good cleaning to reveal the carving on it. I’ll post an updated picture later. And get a kick out of that tiny long barrel gun. It opens up and the hammer cocks back. I love it!!! Nothing shows the progression of time than an old 1958 calendar.

The last room however….is my sewing room and it is ---well --- it is the room that I’ve been deliberately ignoring because everything in it is Pirate's treasure…at least in my mind’s eye. The dreaded ‘WHAT IF’ scenario keeps bouncing around in my mind. What if….I decided to sew more bears…then I would need all that yummy mohair fabric that I’ve been giving precious shelf space to for the last umpteen years.  What if….I decided to take up some serious knitting again….then all those yummy yarns would be needed.  And then the biggest question – how much fabric is too much fabric or is that even a legitimate question. I’m of the opinion that there is never ever enough fabric in your stash. If there was, then why is it that I never have the one fabric that I need for my project!!!  The madness really never ends. However, I have spoken to myself and have agreed (at least in my mind) that I will take a stab at reducing some of my precious stash. 

I know I can do it. I really can.

I will start tomorrow!

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  1. I thought I should make bears. . .saved some fabric. . .seems like only one grandchild might enjoy a bear. . .as for decluttering. . .way to go. I need to do it again and START in the studio which I avoided the last time for the same reasons . . .it is ALL treasurers!


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