Friday, April 3, 2015

I'm too Hexie for my love---too hexie for my love...

I'm too hexie for my stash....
too hexie for my hexie that it hurts...

I'm your model you know what I mean...
When I do my little joinings on my hexie things!
On my hexie know what I mean.

I can go on and on...
making hexie things.

Making hexie things.

Come on know you were humming it along with me!  :)  A songwriter I will never be, but everyone know that I am 'head over hexie' for hexies. Don't believe me? Just ask any of my students.

And speaking of my students, last Saturday during the Intro to Hexie class one of my students (thank you Jenny Tuomi!) showed me how to make her awesome pincushion. During the class, she drew a hexagon and asked which direction to stitch and then she numbered each one as I went around the hexie. I used her method of writing the numbers on the paper to figure out how to sew it. I couldn't help but make one for myself after hearing her explanation. I love learning new things from my students!!!

Wanna make one for yourself? Yeah, I thought so. And when you finish it, you too can sing the "I'm too hexie for my love" song.

I should have been making a sleeve to go on a quilt that I am to drop off on Monday. I cannot make myself start the stupid sleeve! Anyone want to make some extra money and make and sew it on for me!

Here is the drawing I made based on Jenny's instructions. I color coded the numbers to help making following it easier. I used 3/4 inch hexie papers and it is a little pincushion that's a perfect travel size.

It is a little fiddly to sew when you get down to the last few corners. Just remember to work on the seam right in front of you and ignore the others sticking out. I couldn't remember when Jenny took the papers out, but I found it too hard to leave them in until the very end so I removed the paper as soon as I had sewn around all sides. For example, I took out the middle (back) hexie as soon as the 6 hexies were sewn on.

Here's the center flower done with Nos. 1 and 2 sewn,
You can see it gets a little odd looking as you keep going.
This photo shows the papers being removed as I progressed. This made it much easier to continue. Note: see that white ball of fluff in the background. My boy, Dillan, is always ready to lend his thoughts on my projects.
Here I am on the last two sides. I left it open so I could turn the hexie. I also removed all the papers before turning it. When you remove all the papers, the edges do 'not' want to stay shut. I used Roxanne's glue baste to glue baste them back in the position I wanted. It works perfectly!
Here it is all turned and finger pressed into position. Isn't it cute?
I opened up the two sides so you could see a little better. Because I seriously dislike feather light pincushions, I stuffed it with crushed walnut shells with added sand and lavender buds.
I love it! Added a ribbon flower to the front and a small button to the back and pulled the thread tightly to make a little indent.

Now go grab some hexie papers and get started!


  1. Did you find someone to sew the sleeve?

    1. No but I did manage to move the sleeve fabric closer to me this morning with plans of cutting into it after this morning's last cup of coffee. Lol. We'll see how it goes.

  2. Love it JoJo, I will be making one of those....maybe more than one of those actually.😄
    And I know how you feel about the hanging sleeve!

    1. Yay Rita! Please send photos if you make some.


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