Wednesday, September 4, 2019


September is here and I can smell fall in the air. The higher temperatures still linger but fall is pushing its way in closer every day.

The title of my post is contentment and has been on my mind all this year for a number of reasons. I recently finished a Bible study in Philippians. In Philippians 4:8-9, Paul is reminding the Philippians to do the things they saw him do and remember what he taught them. He says to think on things that are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue, and if there is anything praiseworthly--mediate on these things. I claim these verses for myself daily so that when I feel a way I know I shouldn't I remember his instructions. And even if in the heat of the moment, I'm struggling to come up with a thought, I can always remember God is Good and loving to His children. I can be appreciative of having a husband that loves me and cherishes me, and to have friends that care and reach out to see how I'm doing. And if I'm really struggling, I may only be able to come up with 'it's nice to not hurt on my right side.' Let me tell you it is impossible to be harboring any ill-will or angst while being thankful. Mediating on God's Word, makes me a better human and I hope a better person to others. Which brings me to verse 11 where Paul says he has learned in whatever state he is in, to be content. I'm working on that one too. Some days I do better than others.

The picture above is my recent finish. Every part of the front is hand stitched. I was pulled into it because of the sheer amount of different techniques on it. It's an Ann Myhre stitch along from The Quilt Show. She uploaded weekly videos to You tube. I joined in very late (about the 4th week if I remember correctly). I tried to not do it but all those techniques just wouldn't stop calling out my name. It was a fantastic project and I ended up making up my fantastical bird because it just wouldn't allow me to make it any other way. Sometimes you just have to give in to the project.

My health took center stage this year as I developed arthritis in my neck and couldn't work or do just about anything I needed or wanted to do. Remember contentment? I practiced it a lot this year and learned/relearned how to be able to work around health issues or simply to just give in and rest even when I found it against every part of my being. I tend to have hummingbird tendencies and find it very difficult to not be a doer.

Last week, I knew I wanted to finish the top into a pillow. Here's the back. I added a zipper near the bottom of the pillow with a hidden flange. I really liked this process and will do this again because of the ease of making it and being able to remove the insert if needed.
 Another project I finished for myself is a stitching pillow. It hurts me to do handwork but I refuse to give it up. I saw Anna's (Woolie Mammoth) You Tube video teaching how to make a stitching pillow. This is unlike any pillow I have ever made and I've made lots. It was fun to make and really does help reduce the pain of handwork. I highly recommend it.
Last but definitely not least is a project that came late but finished before everything else is a tuffet for my husband. He requested it and wanted me to use his work ties that he's been collecting his whole working life. It was a joint project of selecting his favorites and then deconstructing and sewing it together and forming it around the tuffet form. Sharyn Cole's company called Tuffet Source has the patterns and kits. If you follow her instructions, you will have a perfect tuffet. Plus, she is one very sweet person who answered many questions and helped me get started when I told her I was using my husband's ties.

Here are some progress pictures with the finish at the end.
The Bowdee-man being a good prop for mama. He's the same height as the tuffet.

Enjoy today, stop and be thankful for something or someone in your life, and know you are eternally loved by God.

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  1. Beautiful finishes and Bowdee is the perfect addition to ANY photo! I look forward to working on the tuffet. . .soon!!!!!--Terry


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